The God Guarantee - Paperback Book

The God Guarantee - Paperback Book

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A 4-part Process to Revolutionize How You Experience God Providing!

In a world driven by scarcity, isolation, and doubt, we battle the fear of not having enough—whether it’s money, time, relationships, or margin. In times of loss and pain, we’re tempted to believe we are alone or that we must provide for ourselves.

The God Guarantee reveals how to identify and access the 4-part pattern of God’s provision for your life. Stepping into the pattern transforms how you experience God’s promise of abundance, inspiring faith and hope, even in seemingly broken and hopeless circumstances.

The God Guarantee can help your church or small group address these issues: 

  • Fear and scarcity isolate us, prevent community and encourage us to avoid taking risks.
  • Life’s challenges tempt us to doubt and pull away from faith and trust in God and others.
  • Secularization in our culture tempts us to rely on our resources, preventing access to God’s abundance.