The God Impulse: The Power of Mercy in an Unmerciful World

The God Impulse: The Power of Mercy in an Unmerciful World

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Have we missed the one thing that has the power to bring relief, hope, and healing to our hurting world?

Spend even a few minutes scrolling through your newsfeed and you see stories of disenfranchisement, destruction, and discontent. God's first impulse toward our broken world was to show mercy - and Jesus said, "go and do likewise."

Everywhere Jesus went, he preached and healed. He offered truth, which brings hope, and mercy, which brings healing. This is the model that changed the world. Today, we seem to have lost this kind of self-sacrificing kind of love that offers truth and mercy in equal measure in relationships. Today we see mercy and truth at "odds" in the news cycle. 

The God Impulse offers a practical guide to showing mercy in your life and reveals the surprising power of mercy to really make a difference. You will feel a new sense of purpose as you experience:
· help in navigating conflict and healing in relationships
· the opening of your heart to those around you
· a new way to engage social justice issues
· unexpected blessing and rewards that God promises to those who show mercy


"Jack draws a straight line from the lack of teaching and underrepresentation of biblical mercy in the church to the lack of love so many feel from the church. He reminds us that true healing, justice, and reconciliation begin with the impulse of mercy toward our neighbors and enemies. I heartily recommend this book."--Dr. Timothy Keller, pastor emeritus and founder, Redeemer Presbyterian Church; chairman, Redeemer City to City

"Jack reminds us that while God is often portrayed in culture as a harsh and distant master, he is in fact a loving father who longs to grow closer to us--and for us to show mercy to one another."--Andy Stanley, author, communicator, and founder of North Point Ministries 

"The God Impulse unpacks the meaning of true mercy as Jesus taught and ultimately modeled it. In these pages, Jack provides a master class that is inspiring, simple, and very practical--and that every one of us needs."--Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher, speaker, and bestselling author of For Women Only, For Men Only, and The Kindness Challenge

"This book is worth reading! It's a revolutionary lens on life, the character of God, spiritual formation, and the church that will provoke the kind of deep reflection and evaluation that always precede significant life change."--Chip Ingram, teaching pastor, Living on the Edge; author of The Real God: How He Longs for You to See Him

"The God Impulse takes us on a journey through the rich, wonderful, transforming power of mercy. Throughout the book, Jack reminds us that mercy is more than a sentiment or feeling. It is tied to truth and is a picture of the heart and nature of our great God."--Dr. Crawford W. Loritts Jr., author, speaker, radio host, and senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church

"The God Impulse is both a refreshing breeze and a slap in the face. Jack Alexander makes the case that mercy is one of the defining characteristics of God and as such should be the same for those who follow him."--Clayton King, president, Crossroads Summer Camps and Missions; teaching pastor, Newspring Church; author of Stronger and Overcome

"It is important to be reminded of mercy's role in saving us and in how we share it with our neighbor. Hopefully, this work will stir many to go from recipients of mercy to distributors of mercy, especially among those who might not look like us."--Eric Mason, pastor, Epiphany Fellowship; author of Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole

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